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We can build the perfect Corporate Events DJ and Photo Booth package customized for you. With only what you need for your event, your budget, and your personal preferences.

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Whats Is a Corporate Event?

A corporate event is one that’s sponsored by a company and focuses on either its employees or clients, Corporate events are an effective way for companies to engage with employees or customers.

If you want to motivate employees by rewarding them for their work or to celebrate various company milestones along with clients, employees, or both. a corporate event is the best idea. 

What Is The Job Of a Corporate Event DJ?

As professional Corporate event DJs At Angels Music DJs, we understand that entertainment is the key to a successful corporate event. we are experienced in playing a wide range of music and games that help create a memorable party atmosphere. We have hosted many corporate events including holiday parties, fundraisers, and promotional events.

We can provide corporate party DJ, MC, and Photo Booth services for your corporate party in Los Angeles, Our MCs are experts in hosting big events so we can keep your event smooth with all fun dancing and games.

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We provide high-quality & professional corporate events DJ  and Photo Booth service in Los Angeles. as well as MC, event lighting, and AV services

Now you can select your Corporate Party DJ, MC, and Photo Booth all in one location. We can help coordinate your Corporate event or any event day from the start to the last note of music. We take care of everything for you so you don’t have to worry. Specially priced packages with all services are available to meet your needs. Personalized consultations are available where we can provide you with a full explanation of our complete line of products and services.

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Photo Booth Services

We are able to personalize and customize the photo booth experience for your corporate event. From onsite printing, personalized picture templates, unique backdrops, and custom props. You can choose the 360 Video Booth, The Halo photo booth, or the Tiktok Booth to make your event complete.

If you would like it Open-Air or Enclosed we have both Options. Compact and modern Photo Booth, COVID-19 safe with only digital props, This Photo booth can take pictures, and videos, and create sharable GIFs and Boomerangs, we also deliver Inflatable Led enclosures and magnets.

Our photo booths will bring a new experience to your Corporate event. Give your guests an instant memory.

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Party Motivators for Corporate Events, We work only with the Best Emcees in Los Angeles, the job of an MC is to add that extra high energy that will help to connect your guests, make them feel comfortable, and include using dance challenges and games.  A Corporate Party MC will also help to ensure your event will stay on track by introducing everyone, making announcements to inform guests who will be giving a speech, when dinner will begin, etc. while hosting the event along with the DJ.

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