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We provide professional Digital Temporary Custom Tattoo Service in Los Angeles. 

Create a One-of-a-Kind Custom Temporary Tattoo. If you value self-expression and have a unique story to tell, we can design a custom temporary tattoo from your own artwork! Temporary tattoos that are not permanent. They’re designed to be transferred onto the skin, not beneath the skin surface. These tattoos can be chosen from our device screen, then we applied them to the skin with a little bit of moisture and they can last up to a week, or they can be washed out with just water and soap. 

What Are Digital Temporary Custom Tattoos?

Our semi-temporary tattoos are long-lasting and very realistic. these digital custom temporary tattoos are the longest-lasting, custom temporary tattoos around. Transform ANY logo and design into a tattoo! Lasts up to a week!

Now you can select your full party entertainment needs, DJMC, Photographer, and Photo Booth and Custom temporary Tattoos station all in one location. Personalized consultations are available where we can provide you with a full explanation of our complete line of products and services.

Los Angeles

Introducing the perfect way to add some extra fun and excitement to your next party! Our temporary Digital Tattoos are sure to make your event one to remember.

With our advanced Custom Digital Temporary Tattoo technology, you can express yourself without the commitment of a traditional tattoo. add a pop of color, or make a statement with quality temporary tattoos.

These Digital Temporary Tattoos are perfect for Bar/Bar Mitzvah parties, school events, corporate functions, and more.

Custom Temporary Tattoo

Create custom temporary tattoos from your own designs. add our custom temporary tattoos to your event for branding or fun. write a famous quote or print your own logo and slogan on your guests bodies and hands as a temporary tattoo to promote your message. 

Let your guests enjoy the beauty of our temporary digital tattoos and temporary body tattoo printing. Book our services today and let us help you create an event that is truly unforgettable!

digital tattoos and body tattoos, Temporary Tattoos in Los Angeles and Orange County, Body Tattoos -Henna Tattoos -temporary tattoo -henna temporary tattoo -Tattoo Stencil -Temporary Tattoos for hands -Henna Temporary Tattoo Stencil Kit

Digital Temporary Tattoo Video

We have a huge collections of digital temporary tattoos for every interest, event, and occasion.

digital tattoos and body tattoos, Temporary Tattoos in Los Angeles and Orange County, Body Tattoos -Henna Tattoos -temporary tattoo -henna temporary tattoo -Tattoo Stencil -Temporary Tattoos for hands -Henna Temporary Tattoo Stencil Kit

Customized Temporary Digital Tattoos

Digital Color Temporary Tattoo

We use advanced technology for custom digital temporary and semi-permanent tattoos for events. Our machine offerings a huge choice of digital tattoos, we can design a custom printable temporary tattoo from your logo, picture, or design. you can promote your business and company at your corporate event or just entertain your guests at a Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Birthday Party.

We can build a set of custom digital temporary tattoos based on your event theme, the guests can choose an option from the device screen and we will print it on their hands, legs, or if they want on any other part of their body!

Other fun activities we offer are Photo Booth, 360 Video Booth, Face Painting, Audio Visual, and Special Effects


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