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Wedding Event Lighting and Laser Party Lights Rental In Los Angeles 

Lighting & Stage Effects Rental in Los Angeles

Lighting Package 1

$ 999
  • 2 truss towers 6.5ft
  • 2 Moving head lights
  • 2 Par Wash lights
  • 2 Par COB lights
  • 2 FX Lights
  • 4 uplights
  • Fog Machine

Lighting Package 2

$ 1999
  • 2 truss towers 8ft
  • 2 Moving head lights
  • 4 Moving Wash lights
  • 2 Par Wash lights
  • 2 Par COB lights
  • 2 FX Lights
  • 4 uplights
  • Haze Machine

Lighting Package 3

$ 2999
  • 2 truss towers 8ft
  • 2 truss towers 6.5ft
  • 4 Moving head lights
  • 4 Moving wash lights
  • 4 Par Wash lights
  • 4 Par COB lights
  • 2 FX Lights
  • 6 uplights
  • Haze Machine

Lighting Package 4

$ 3999
  • 2 truss towers 8ft
  • 8-12ft truss bridge
  • 6 Moving head lights
  • 4 Moving wash lights
  • 2 lasers
  • 4 Par Wash lights
  • 4 Par COB lights
  • 2 FX Lights
  • 8 uplights
  • Haze Machine

Options To Upgrade:

Black Light glow in the dark party UV Light rental

Add 2 x UV Black Lights for Glow in the dark effect  – 500$

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Add Custom Gobo Monogram – 500$

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Add 2 Cold Sparks – 599$

LED Pixel Bars Lights for Rent In Los Angeles

2 x Pixel Bars – 599$

fog machine, top 10 special effects cloud machine, low laying fog machine, 10 thing your wedding dj can do, cold sparks, low lying for machine

Add Low-Lying Fog Machine – 399$

Add 16 uplights – 600$ 

DJ FX Lights Rental

2 DJ FX Lights – 400$

custom lighting design, wedding lighting, event lighting, top wedding special effects

Custom Smart Lighting – from 2000$ 

top special effects, Led Dance Floor Rentals Los Angeles, Dance Floor Prices,

Add LED Dance Floor – from 1400$ 

Disco Ball rental in Los Angeles

Add Disco Ball – 299$ 

custom lighting design, wedding lighting, event lighting, top wedding special effects

Custom Truss Structures – from 999$ 

Wedding Events lighting Service Los Angeles

Welcome to Angels Music Event Lighting Service, where we bring your event to life with our stunning lighting solutions. Based in Los Angeles, we offer a wide range of lighting options to transform any event into a spectacular experience. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate event, or a pool party, our team of experts is here to help you create the perfect ambiance.

Our Laser LED uplighting is an easy and cost-effective way to enhance the look of any event. With the ability to change colors, patterns, and intensity, our LED uplights can create a warm and inviting atmosphere or a high-energy vibe, depending on your preferences.

To light up the whole area, our heavy-duty light poles with wash lights are the perfect solution. These lights are designed to withstand even the toughest conditions, making them ideal for outdoor events, Mid and big-size Banquet halls. With their bright, powerful beams, they’ll illuminate your event and provide a well-lit, beautiful environment for your guests.

Custom Events lighting Design

Our smart moving-head Laser lights are the latest in lighting technology and offer unparalleled flexibility and control. With the ability to move in any direction, these lights can create dynamic and captivating light shows that are sure to impress your guests. Whether you want to highlight specific areas of your event or create a mesmerizing light show on the dance floor, our smart moving-head lights are a perfect choice.

Pin spots are a classic lighting option that provides a subtle and elegant touch to any event. Whether you’re highlighting centerpieces, food stations, sculptures, or other decorative elements, pin spots are an excellent way to add depth and dimension to your event space.

Our UV lights and laser lights are perfect for adding a touch of excitement to your event. Whether you’re creating a futuristic look or adding a touch of edginess, our UV lights and laser lights are sure to make an impact.

Finally, our Gobo projector lighting is the perfect way to add a touch of magic to your event. Whether you’re looking for a breathtaking custom display, a mesmerizing monogram, or a spectacular light show, our Gobo light projectors lighting is sure to impress.

At Angels Music Event Lighting Service, we’re dedicated to providing the highest-quality Laser lighting solutions for our clients. Whether you’re looking for classic lighting options or the latest in lighting technology, our team of experts is here to help you create the perfect ambiance for your event. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start bringing your event to life!

custom lighting design, wedding lighting, event lighting, top wedding special effects

Events lighting History

In 1802, Humphry Davy invented the first electric light, Since then a lot of technology improved in the lighting rental world!  We can help you create the most exciting and outstanding atmosphere at your events, shows, corporate events, wedding and birthday parties, etc.

We can provide LED lights, Party lights, and Disco lights for your party to create a stunning decorative lighting effect like party black lights, who make your party Glow in the dark. 

Party Lights – With 10-plus years of event lighting experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, Watch us breathe life into your wildest imagination and bring your visions to life.  

Lighting Design and Installation Service

Need Stage Lighting Equipment? Party Lights? Not only do we provide some of the most technologically advanced products on the market, but we can also provide design, consulting, installation, and tech operation services for all of it as well.

Our attention to detail and years of experience are all at your disposal as we deliver affordable party lights and Lighting Equipment Rental options, Anything you want will be delivered, installed, and operated by our professional crew.

We specialize in creating spectacular events and laser lighting designs to help you bring your vision for the perfect party, wedding, or any other special occasion into reality. From simple accent lighting to large-scale production disco lights, we have a variety of options available so that every event will be one-of-a-kind!

Angels Music event lighting, wedding lighting, wedding monogram, wedding up lighting

Lighting The Party

The Light Of The Party – Angels Music has been renting lights, doing Event lights, and being in the rental lights business since 2013!  With 10 years of experience in lighting events, and working at the top of the industry events, we bring an artistic touch to each event.

Laser Lighting Rental – we successfully designed events from the intimate to the extravagant. our services are recommended by top wedding planners, hotels, and venues.  we would be happy to provide you with a custom design and quote. 

Wedding Lighting Party Rental For Events

Event Lighting Service


We can provide Light Poles with Wash Lights, spotlights, or pin spotlights for your party to light up any area from on top.

These are steel poles with a 175 lb weighted base for use with our par light or Pin spotlight.

Each light poll can hold 2-4 Par lights, 2-4 wash lights, or 4-16 pin spotlights.

A Pin-Spot is a light that can illuminate a narrow beam typically to highlight floral, stage accents, Food stations, or wayfinding.  

Our battery-powered Pin-Spot runs 6 hours, the LED fixture shines a sharp white color beam. 

These lights will make a big difference in how your event looks like.


On top of each light pole can be installed :

2 Par Lights –         50$
4 Pin Spotlights –   50$
2 Wash Lights –     100$
4 Par Lights –         100$
8 Pin Spotlights –  100$

Wedding Lighting Service & Party Lights rentals

Event Lighting & Party Lights In Los Angeles

Events Lighting Service

Wedding Uplights / LED Lights

Wireless Uplighting! Built-in battery that will keep the lights powered on for up to around 12 hours. 

The Up-Light is a light designed to throw illumination upward on a wall or stage.

Our Area lighting is appropriate for all event types, These Uplights can be placed at the base of the floor shining up walls, columns, or trees and this adds visual flare while creating a classy ambiance, our party black light can be used in any event setting including outdoors and can be customized to match your color scheme.
When lighting a whole room, approximately 1 light per every 6-12 feet will do the job beautifully.
the price is $40 per uplight.
8 uplights – $300
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Wedding Party Lights Event Lighting Rental

Event Lighting Service


Gobo Monogram lights create dramatic effects on walls, sidewalks, Floors – even sides of buildings! – by using patterns or logos to project light in specific designs ranging from the wildly abstract to amazingly true to life.

A Gobo monogram light projector is a laser-cut metal stencil that is placed inside or in front of a gobo light beam, to control the shape of the emitted light.

Monogram lighting adds a personalized touch to your wedding or event. The package arrives pre-loaded with your custom design.

The price is:

499$ for a custom gobo light for a wedding or any event (includes personal graphic design). 

399$ for stock gobo light ( Architecture, Nature, Trees, Clouds, Sky).

Events Lighting Service


A  laser light show featuring spectacular beam patterns, together with DJ music or live band,  will transform your event into a party that will be remembered. 

Nothing is more vibrant than a laser image. 

Event lights can add a lot, Whether it’s a Wedding, Sweet 16, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Quinceanera, 50th birthday,  Anniversary,  or any special occasion, a laser light show, or Disco lights helps you take the event productions over the top. 

The Price is 599$ per laser projector.

laser show for wedding events, top special effects for wedding and events in Los Angeles

Event Lighting Rental Service

Black Light glow in the dark party UV Light rental

Event Lighting Service


We offer the best black lights! 

The UV black light is used for Glow in the dark parties,  We offer the full Glow Party Experience, with the right music, Neon effects, Face Painting, T-Shirt painting, and more. 

The price is 150$ Per UV-Black Light with a light stand.

Events Lighting Service

Disco Ball

Bring the DISCO with our Beautiful Disco Ball! made out of Heavy-Duty Construction Layered With Hundreds Of Quarter-Inch Real Glass Tiles And A Durable Mounting Bracket.

Create A Stunning And Shimmering Light-Reflecting Display, Perfect For Virtually Any Event,

Create Shimmering Light By Pairing it With A Spotlight and Rotating Motor ( Included). Great For Parties, Weddings Holidays, And More

Create Glimmering Lighting Effects Safely And Easily; The Perfect Addition To Your Event,! you get a 20″ disco ball with a stand, motor, and pin spots to get the full effect.

The Price is 299$ for the Disco Ball Package.

Disco Ball rental in Los Angeles 20 inch disco ball for rent

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