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Mardi Gras Carnival Guide

Mardi Gras Carnival Guide


Mardi Gras falls out on Tuesday, February 25, 2020, better known as Fat Tuesday and marks the beginning of the Carnival season. Carnival season is best spent surrounding yourself in the amazing jazzy music of New Orleans.

Being in New Orleans during Mardi Gras is like sensory overload. The smells of bourbon and gumbo in the air, dazzling costumes, strings of beads flying everywhere, brassy melodies, the alcohol-fueled dancing and a parade of all parades that set the holiday far apart from any other in the country.

People from all over the world fly to New Orleans just to be a part of this amazing celebration. If you are unable to make the journey to New Orleans and join Mardis Gras, we’ve put together a little list of songs, cocktail recipes and decor ideas to help bring that New Orleans carnival celebration to you, no matter where you are. 

Mardi Gras Carnival guide
Mardi Gras Carnival guide

Some essentials you’ll need


Beads, masks, hats, costumes:

It’s NOT Mardi Gras without them! Beads come in all shapes and sizes. Most people go for the standard purple, green, and gold ones. You can do something creative and distribute them as rewards for the best costume. You don’t have to toss them through – wearing them is just as cool. Mardi Gras masks are sometimes creepy. It’s meant to make you look mysterious and alluring all at the same time.

Some go all out with a mask that covers the entire face, and some opt for a simpler look of just covering the eyes. Some wear hats with sequins and feathers or some oversized furry bucket hats or crowns/tiara. Typical Mardi Gras costumes are creative and flamboyant usually involving feathers, satin, and sequins. If you don’t have time to make your own, a good idea is to purchase on from a local costume store. 


Mardi Gras Carnival Cocktails:

Mardi Gras Carnival Guide Cocktails
Mardi Gras Carnival Guide 

One of the most popular Mardi Gras cocktails has to be the Hurricane. This fruity drink is typically served in a curvy glass and will bring you right to Bourbon Street. This drink is delicious and can easily be made at home. It contains passion fruit, citrus juices, and is traditionally made with rum.


New Orleans Hurricane Drink Recipe



 ½ cup ice

2 fluid ounces light rum

2 fluid ounces passion fruit liqueur

1 cup lemon-lime flavored carbonated beverage 

1-ounce lemon juice

1 fluid ounce of 151 proof rum 



  1. In a shaker, combine everything except the 151 proof rum and shake.

  2. Float the 151 proof rum on top of the drink. {Do not drink from the top of the cup, make sure to use a straw and drink from the bottom up.}

  3. Garnish and Enjoy Responsibly!



Mardi Gras Carnival Guide food
Mardi Gras Carnival Guide 

Traditional food during Mardi Gras includes hot slow-cooked dishes like gumbo, red beans, and rice, chili or jambalaya. Finger food is always welcome, as well as any food that is purple, green or gold. Most popular and well known is the King Cake.

This delicious and traditional round cake is covered with glaze and purple, green and gold sugar, and whoever receives the piece of cake with the figurine in it will have a stroke of good luck. One of our favorite Mardi Gras appetizers is the hush puppies. This easy to make, crispy, sweet and savory appetizer is the perfect addition to any meal or party.


Hush Puppies



  • 2 cups Cornmeal

  • 1 Tbsp All-Purpose Flour

  • ½ tsp Baking Soda

  • 1 tsp Baking Powder

  • 3 Tbsp Green Onion, finely chopped

  • 1 cup + 3 tablespoons Buttermilk

  • 1 Egg, lightly beaten

  • Vegetable Oil, for frying


  1. Sift together cornmeal, flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt into a large bowl.

  2. Stir in onions, buttermilk, and egg until thoroughly mixed. The result will be a batter-like consistency.

  3. Heat oil to about 375 degrees F and drop the batter by the spoonful (about 2 tablespoons each). Fry until golden brown.

  4. Remove each fritter and place it on a paper towel to remove excess oil. Serve hot.


Music & Entertainment:


Brass, jazzy music plays a huge party in any Mardi Gras celebration, as well as circus music, also known as Carnival music. If you are hosting a Mardi Gras Party this year, at home, here is a list of popular Mardi Gras music to have your DJ play that is sure to put your guests in that Carnival vibe. 

Carnival Time – Al Johnson

Mardi Gras Mambo – The Hawketts 

Casanova – Rebirth Brass Band 

Hey Pocky A-Way – The meters 

Jock-A-Mo – Sugar Boy and his Cane Cutters

My Feet Can’t Fail Me Now – The Dirty Dozen Brass Band



Games are also a great way to entertain your Mardi Gras crowd. Games like Gold Coin Treasure Hunt. Divide your guests into gold, green and purple teams and give each the first of their set of clues. Solving it will lead each team to its next clue and so on. The first pair to find their treasure chest wins!

Simply make 3 treasure chest out of a shoebox, paint one gold, one green, and one purple, fill them with beads, fake money or chocolate coins. Hide the boxes throughout your party space and write three sets of clever clues, it’s as easy as that! Or Mardi Gras Musical Chairs, set up chairs (one fewer than the number of players to start) and play your favorite Mardi Gras music. Let the games begin! Another great option is to rent a photo booth.

Photo booths add hours of entertainment to your guests without much preparation. When renting a photo booth from Angels Music Djs and Production, we provide all customizable Snapchat-like features,  instantly transporting you guests to New Orleans with Bourbon Street backgrounds, and Carnival face mask disguises all via technology, photos are printed on the sport, so guest can have them mementos for a year to come.

 Interested in photo booth rentals? We will be happy to assist you. Please give us a call at (949)394-2572 Or go to Photo Booth and we will be glad to help you with any and all your party needs. 




We hope you found our Mardi Gras carnival guide / party-list helpful. We hope you dance all night, enjoy the jazzy, Carnival music, eat some yummy food, and enjoy a few cocktails with friends. Don’t be afraid to go over the top with decorations, costumes, and party favors, adding masks, feathers, anything green, purple and gold to your decor plus some fun party games and you’ve got yourself an outstanding party!

Have any questions? we would love to hear from you Contact Us!

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top 20 love songs for Valentine's Day, by Angels Music DJs, MCs and Photo Booth services in Los Angeles

Top 20 Love Songs For Valentine’s Day

For the coming Valentine’s Day, we checked out our music library for the Top 20 Love Songs, There are plenty of ways to put your partner in the mood for love, but music is definitely one of the easiest and most powerful ways to turn up the heat. Every couple has that “one song” that can instantly set that tone, change that vibe and increase the romance. Here are our top 20 most favorite romantic songs to help set your mood this Valentine’s day. 

Top 20 Love Songs


  1. Let’s Get It On – Marvin Gay 

  2. Your Body Is A Wonderland – John Mayer

  3. Faithfully – Journey

  4. All Of Me – John Legend  

  5. I Will Always Love You – Whitney Huston 

  6. Wind Beneath My Wind – Bette Midler

  7. The Power OF Love – Celine Dion 

  8. Wonderful Tonight- Eric Clapton 

  9. Sexual Healing – Marvin Gay 

  10. Someone Like You – Adele 

  11. Sexy And I Know It – LMFAO

  12. I’ll Make Love To You – Boyz To Men

  13. You Sexy Thing – Hot Chocolate 

  14. My Everything – Barry White 

  15. Love Me Tender – Elvis Presley

  16. Lady In Red – Chris Deburgh

  17. My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion 

  18. Careless Whisper – George Micheal

  19. Let’s Stay Together – Al Green 

  20. Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – Aerosmith 


No matter what you choose to spend this Valentine’s Day 2020, be sure that it involves some romantic music because the beat and the lyrics will make the night extremely special and romantic. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Let robot, Newest trends in events 2020, angels music best wedding Israeli DJ Los Angeles

Newest Trends In Events

When planning an event such as a Bar/ Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16 or a wedding, If you want it to be the best, we offer the newest trends in events today.

Today’s bar and bat mitzvahs are lavish affairs with all kinds of attractions. Families are searching for new and out of the ordinary exciting ways to incorporate their child’s personality and likes into the event in ways that leave their guests talking about it for days.

If you are searching for ideas to make your next event the talk of the town, check out our list of just a few of the newest trends in celebrating any events in 2020. 


Newest Trends In Events – Trending Event Ideas


angels music DJs, Hottest and newest trends in events in 2020. Trending Event Ideas, Best Israeli DJ and photo booth rental service for wedding on Los Angeles.
Angels music DJs, Hottest and newest trends in events in 2020. Most trending event Ideas, Best Israeli DJ and photo booth rental service for weddings in Los Angeles.

01. High Tech Photo Booths and Social Media Integration


Capturing that old school vibe with a traditional photo booth of yesterday its one of newest trending events ideas, letting guests keep the strips of funny shots as souvenirs. Now, kick it up a notch with a high tech photo booth or better yet a 360 photo booth! Far gone are the old traditional styles where a group of guests can stand on a platform with props and have a photo taken.

These high tech photo booths are placed on red carpets, using integrated Snapchat like filters that can be chosen at a touch of the screen and fully customizable to your theme. There are also boomerang booths that shot short videos on a loop, perfect for TikTok which is the most popular social platform for teens. Best of all, with most of these options, you can opt for instant uploads to guest’s phones or integration with social media and of course print them out on the spot.

Teens Party Trends

As young teens are almost always checking their phones, you may want to lean into that trend and integrate social media into your child’s bar or bat mitzvah. Photos that link to Snapchat or Instagram are just one of the options. If you like, you can assign a hashtag to your event and install a screen where all posts with that hashtag are displayed in real-time.

Even if you don’t go for a real-time display, hashtags are great because they make it easy to collect everyone’s photos after the event. You can just hop on Instagram or Twitter after the party, search for the hashtag you’ve chosen and save the pics you and your child like best.


02. LED Everything & Blacklight 


LED lights and screens are ideal for all kinds of decorations and its also one of the hottest events trends today. The LED screens are often used in the front or behind the DJ booth, displaying custom logos, video montages, and party themes. Montages have become standard at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.

Kids love to see themselves when they are younger, One of the new trends in events is making a video montage which adds a whole new dimension and makes it enjoyable to show guests. Another way to incorporate video is with a personal message at the end of the montage from parents, the guest of honor or even a celebrity or two.

Surprise Video Clips

Surprise video clips from celebrities will give your guest of honor a real thrill — whether it’s their favorite sports star, a niche YouTube vlogger, a reality TV host or someone even more famous. Try reaching out to one of your child’s heroes to see if they would send a 5-second video clip wishing them a mazel tov on their Bar or Bat Mitzvah and see what happens.

You can even have an LED dance floor, make dancing even more fun, add an LED hula hoops, glow-in-the-dark sticks, and necklaces and you have an instant glow party or a black light party! First, it’s helpful to know the difference between a glow party and a blacklight party. In both cases, regular lights are out. That doesn’t mean you’re totally in the dark.

At a glow party, you can use glow sticks, candles, glow in the dark paint, and black lights to illuminate the festivities. A black-light party is a bit more restrictive since the light comes from black lights causing fluorescent materials to glow. 


03. Customized Party Favors


Customized “swag” is another option you may want to consider for your event. Make that hashtag or logo even more memorable by putting it on a sweatshirt, hats, coffee cup or another type of party favor.

In addition to the typical items that the DJ hands out, the hottest trend in making your party unique is to add a variety of personalized or branded items with your child’s logo or hashtag. When you give these items it motivates the kids to be on the dance floor and demonstrate their best dance moves in hopes of being given one of the coveted items. If you’re looking for non-apparel items, consider customizing water bottles, blankets, gift cards, headbands, and bracelets. 



04. Grand Entrance 


Another one of the Trending Event Ideas which is gaining more attention is choosing to enter their Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration in a unique and fun way that shows off their personality as soon as they walk in. Making a grand entrance really gets the party started and it’s a fun way to make the milestone even more memorable.

Trending lately is the entrance video, a splashy, highly produced movie that can be serious or funny, showcasing the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child in a crazy adventure, or just a lively photo montage or music video. Sometimes the child then enters the party through a breakaway wall that seems to be part of the on-screen action. Another grand idea is to enter the spotlight on some type of “wheels” like a Vespa, golf cart, surfboard, even a little red wagon.

Whether the Bar or Bat Mitzvahs entrance is grand or not, they will have a remarkable experience if they choose to celebrate in a way that lets them have the most fun and shows their own style.

Conclusion – Hottest event trends


So there you have it! These the hottest trending event ideas for 2020, Looks like this year brings a whole new dimension of technology interaction, personality and unique custom touches and style to party trends!


Have a question? Contact us today at 949-394-2572


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beginners guide to wedding planning Angels Music DJs, Wedding DJ, Best Israeli DJ, Bar Mitzvah DJ, MCs and Photo Booth rental service in Los Angeles

Beginners Guide To Wedding Planning 

Beginners Guide To Wedding Planning. 

beginners guide to wedding planning Angels Music DJs gallery Los Angeles

Congratulations you are getting married! So, what are your first steps to preparing for the big day? We all know planning a wedding is not easy, every couple getting married wants their wedding day to be full of happiness and laughter. To ensure the day runs smoothly it is important for the wedding to be planned out properly. Whether you’ve decided to hire a wedding planner or going at it by yourself, we have put together a quick beginners guide to wedding planning, or wedding planning checklist to help plan your wedding, so you don’t miss out on anything important on one of the best days of your life.


1. Decide the date of your wedding

The first and most important step is deciding the proper date. Deciding whether you want a summer, spring or winter wedding or what time of year makes all the difference. 

2. Venue Selection


Choosing a venue will usually depend on when you want your wedding to be and your personal preferences. Also, decide if you want to have the ceremony and reception at different places or not. Whether you decide to book a synagogue, church or banquet hall,  it is all based on what your invasion and what your traditions are. You need to get your wedding spot booked as soon as possible because a lot of popular venues are booked months before the event and in order to avoid making a compromise on the time and venue of your wedding, get a hold of your wedding spot as soon as possible.


3. Make a guest list and send out the invites


Before you make a list of guests, know your budget and make sure the venue you chose can accommodate the number of guests. Take note of the plus ones that will come with your guests so you can adjust the seating of your guests. Once the guest list has been finalized, you can start planning your invitations. Look for inspiration online or you can have them customized design. Also, remember to send out the invites early so the guests have enough time to book any tickets they need to. Additionally, this is also a good time to decide who you want to make the best man and maid of honor, groomsmen and bridesmaids, ring bearer, flower girls, etc. 


4. Start searching for DJs, wedding entertainment and photographer/videographer

In our opinion, this is the most important step! Make sure the DJ or entertainment you choose is available for the wedding day. It’s best to secure the date as soon as possible, waiting for the last moment will be hectic, having enough time to meet with your DJ to go over event timelines and music preference will give you peace of mind the day of your wedding! We truly believe the key to any successful event is the proper music selection! If your guest is on the dance floor having a great time, the positive energy will fill the room the entire night. Be proactive and decide on songs you both like beforehand, and definitely pick a song you both love so when it comes to the first dance it is a memorable one. When it comes to looking for a photographer, always book ahead! Oftentimes the good photographers book up quickly, so if you have your eye on one, don’t wait! Photography is a very personal thing and there are so many choices of styles out there. We advise you to look at photographer blogs or Instagram to get your inspiration. Make sure you get along with the photographer you choose since he will be with you thought the entire day!  


5. Flowers, decorations, lighting, food planned, cake and theme down to the last detail.

Now that you’ve taken care of the date, venue, invitations, entertainment and photography, the next steps will begin to take more structure. Catering is another item to book as soon as you can. Having enough time to choose a delicious menu for your guests is always a plus. Always make sure the venue you choose, works with the catering you choose. Some caterers offer ideas and varieties of options, keep in mind if you’re doing an elegant sit-down 3-course meal or you’d rather do something more relaxed. Some offer bar services include, or may suggest a separate bar company. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits your tastes! Now that catering is taken care of, we suggest making a list of all things left to do, flowers, cake, decorations, etc. this will help you stay focused on track and on a budget! Choosing a style or theme or color you want your wedding to have is important to pass onto vendors so they can work to achieve what you envious. It’s all in the details and personal style. When looking for a florist, we suggest asking family and friends for recommendations or look online for some ideas that catch your eye. Some couple decided to forgo flowers and use candles as centerpieces. Get excited about choosing a cake designer! Most designers offer cake tasting! Always consider flavor, size, and budget when choosing a cake of your dreams. 

6. Wedding dress and suits/tux 

Getting your wedding attire is going to be a task. You will want your gown to be perfect and comfortable so you don’t need to worry about tripping. Once you’ve got your heart set on the perfect dress, make sure to order it within enough time to allow for any customization and alterations. The same goes for the groom, make sure the suit or tux will complement your dress of course! Allow enough time for formal wear fittings. Consider purchasing matching accessories such as ties, bow ties, cuff-links, socks or pocket square. It’s all in the details. 


Now that your checklist has been made, the date has been set, the venue is booked, the guest list made, invitations printed and sent out, the DJ, photographer, catering, florist, cake and wedding attire have been taken care of, take a deep breath and enjoy the moment! We hope you find these tips useful in your preparation, and allows you plenty of time to achieve all your wedding day dreams stress-free! Wishing you and your partner a happily ever after!


Beginners Guide to Wedding Planning -Conclusion

Stay calm and follow this wedding planning checklist and hopefully, this will make your life easy.

We can help with music and wedding entertainment so call us at 949-394-2572.

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10 venues Angels Music DJs, Wedding DJ, Best Israeli DJ, Bar Mitzvah DJ, MCs Photo Booth rental service in Los Angeles

TOP 10 Bar Mitzvah Venues in Los Angeles

Top 10 Bar Mitzvah Venues In Los Angeles


top 10 Angels Music DJs & Photo Booth
Angels Music DJs & Photo Booth

Top 10 Bar and Bat Mitzvah Venues in Los Angeles. Plus 5 Helpful tips for selecting the perfect Bar or Bat Mitzvah venues.


Top 10 Venues Los Angeles, When it comes to finding the perfect Bar or Bat Mitzvah venue, there are certain things you need to look for to truly have a successful event. There are literally hundreds of venues in Los Angeles, so first, you must find the venue that is right for the event that you are having. Not sure what you should be looking for? Read our list of handy helpful tips to find out how you can find the perfect venue for your event, and our personal list of our top 10 Los Angeles Bar and Bat Mitzvah Venues.

When it comes to finding your best Bar/Bat Mitzvah Venues follow these Tips:

1. Stick to Your Budget

Know your budget! Keep it firmly in mind when looking for spaces. Write down the absolute largest amount you are willing to spend and bring it with you. When you hear a price, look at your paper. If it’s above that amount, absolutely do not go over! You can throw a great party according to the budget you have.


 2. Visit Multiple Venues

The more venues you see, the more options you have. Try to see at least three venues within your area and price range before settling on one for good.


3. Know Your  Amount Of Guest Invited/ Attending

It always good to know how many people you estimate to be attending an event. Having an accurate idea of how big or small your guest list will be will allow you to select venues that are size appropriate. There’s nothing worse than booking a beautiful venue and having it be so small that the room feels crowded, or so large that the event feels overwhelming. Select your venue based on who and how many are coming will always ensure a perfect fit.


4. Do You Need Parking Accommodations

In order to attend any event, guests are going to have to park somewhere. So, you’ll need to make sure there is enough parking at the venue space or close by to the event and always ask about valet services. This can be a problem when venues are also country clubs, restaurants, bars, inns, etc.


5. Make Sure It Can AccommodateThe Occasion Decor And Needs.

The BIGGEST part of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah top ten Venues In Los Angeles has to be the decor. It’s important to make sure the venue has enough space and the right structure to accommodate the type of decoration you want to do. Such as high ceilings for a tented look and having enough dance floor space, a place for an activity or photo booth. If you are going to have a DJ, music, photo booth, band or other electronic features that require electricity, make sure the room has enough outlets in the right areas to accommodate you BEFORE booking to save some hassle. You could always make it work with extension cords if needed. Also, always make sure you see yourself hosting an event here? Always ask about Kosher catering if needed and if a bar and alcohol is available. Just Imagine the occasion! Does everything make sense, from where the DJ will go to where everyone will dance, table placement, etc, If the venue matches the image you are mind, then go ahead and book it! MAZAL TOV! You’ve picked your venue! On to your next step to making your beautiful Bar or Bat Mitzvah event happen!


TOP TEN Bar and Bat Mitzvah Venues in Los Angeles.


Based on our experience as a DJ and photo booth services in these venues these are the best Bar/Bat Mitzvah event venues  in Los Angeles:


Allure Banquet Hall

6939 Van Nuys Blvd.

Van Nuys CA 91405

(818) 918-3843

Allure Banquet Hall


The Boulevard

16610 Ventura Blvd.

Encino CA 91436

(818) 780-1933

The Boulevard


Maxim Restaurant & Banquet Hall

531 N. Fairfax Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90063

(323) 653-7820

Maxim Restaurant & Banquet Hall 


Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills

300 N Clark Drive,

Beverly Hills, CA 90211

(310) 288-3737

Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills


Rain Bar & Lounge

12215 Ventura Blvd.

Studio City, CA 91604

(818) 448-3540

(818) 770-0691

Rain Bar & Lounge 


Temple Beth David

6100 Hefley Street

Westminster, CA 92683

(714) 892-6623

Temple Beth David 


Avalon Hollywood

1735 Vine St.

Hollywood, CA 90028


Avalon Hollywood


Saddlerock Ranch Malibu

32111 Mulholland HWY.

Malibu, CA 90265

(818) 889-0008

Saddlerock Ranch Malibu


Anoush Catering and Banquet Hall

555 Universal Hollywood Dr.

Universal City, CA 91608

(818) 764-0000

Anoush Catering and Banquet Hall


Eretz Cultural Center

6170 Wilbur Ave

Tarzana, CA 91335

(818) 342-9303

Eretz Cultural Center

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Venues/Top Ten Venues Los Angeles

That’s it for now, We hope this post will help you find the best venue for your event. If you have any other questions about our DJ and Photo Booth services you are welcome to call us at 949-394-2572.


Debra Riss.

Contact Us Today at 949-394-2572

Beginners Guide To Wedding Planning 

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4 Reasons You Should have Photo Booth in your event

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Angels Music DJs, Wedding DJ, Best Israeli DJ, Bar Mitzvah DJ, MCs Photo Booths Multi booth 360 By Angels Music DJs blog for any event in Los Angeles area

4 Reasons You Should have Photo Booth in your event

4 Reasons You Should Have Photo Booth In Your Event. 


Photo booth advantages:


4 reasons for photo booth HaloBooth by Angels Music DJs Los Angeles DJs for Events
4 reasons for photo booth – HaloBooth by Angels Music DJs

If you are planning an event soon here are 4 reasons and benefits for adding a photo booth to the party. 


1. Photo booths are a great addition to any event! 


They say a picture is worth a thousand words… they also say take a picture to capture a moment so you can remember it forever! SO what better way to capture once in a lifetime moments, regardless of the event, than a photo booth! Photos are also the perfect souvenir from the event and you’ll also find that renting a photo booth is a lot cheaper than making party favor bags for your guests. 


2. Guest entertainment without hassle.


Photo booths are a perfect way to entertain your guests during an event. It allows guests to mingle, have fun and be apart of the event. They are easy for everyone at any age to use! It especially fun for kids to get creative and silly, and allows older kids to step into the photo booth and feel like a kid again! Since the photo booth is rented, the rental company will arrive at your event to set up and does not require any work from your end since a staff member will stay at the booth throughout the party to ensure your guests will have the best photo booth experience ever. 


3. It’s Customizable 


They are totally customizable to any theme from birthdays, weddings to corporate events. By adding branding, hashtags, logo, color scheme, party theme, props, etc. on the image backdrop, on the spot printed photos become instant memories of the day! This is an excellent tool for business owners to spread the word about their product and can be an effective marketing strategy at any corporate event. 


4. Memorable gifts for guests to take home.


By using a photo booth, the photos can be a gift in itself. If you don’t have enough budget to give out souvenirs, then a photo booth will do. By taking pictures and getting them customized at the booth, they’ll be able to get some fantastic takeaways from your event. Therefore, you don’t necessarily need to prepare and buy additional gifts for the guests. Photos, unlike other party favors, a photo is not as likely to be forgotten or thrown away. Your guest will want to keep the pictures they took in your photo booth in plain sight. They will want to share stories of that event for years to come!



When you check Photo booths pros and cons there are much more advantages, Photo Booth is a perfect fit for any type of event, birthday parties, weddings, company parties, retirement parties, anniversaries, you name it! It can be personalized and customized for each client.  photo booths will bring a new experience to your event, meanwhile making all the memories last forever!

Want to know about our Photo Booth options? Check out PHOTO BOOTH Services In Los Angeles

Have question about our services? call us at 949-394-2572

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Questions To Ask A DJ Before Your Event

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Angels Music DJs, Best Israeli Wedding DJ in Los Angeles, MC & Photo Booth services in LA

Questions To Ask A DJ Before Your Event

Questions To Ask A DJ Before Your Event


How do you choose a DJ? Here are some questions To Ask a DJ before choosing a DJ for your event.

We put together the most common and important questions to ask a DJ before your event. Most of these questions are normally answered in the DJ contract but just to make sure, ask these questions to know what are you paying for and what’s included in the DJ fee.

Questions to ask a dj Angels Music DJs & Photo Booth for any event in Los Angeles California
Angels Music DJs & Photo Booth

Important Questions To Ask A DJ:


1. Is my date available? 

The first thing to ask a DJ 🙂 You want to know that he can do the job for the date you need it.


2. How long have you been DJing professionally?


This is an important question because, experience in this business, definitely matters. Your wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, birthday or corporate event is such an important day! You don’t your DJ’s first gig to be yours!  The number of years a DJ has been doing this professionally should be a good indication of his experience level. Feel free to ask about how many and what types of events he/she has done in the past and if they have any formal training such a DJ school or DJ company. 


3. What is the minimum amount of hours are included in the package?


The usual minimum amount of hours that most DJs will have included in a package in 4 hours of playtime. The average events are usually 4 hours for the main event or reception and 1 hour for cocktail music. Confirming the total amount of hours with the DJ Company will ensure there will be no gaps during that time

4. How do you motivate our guests to keep dancing? Do you provide MCs?

This is always a great question to ask. Most DJs will simply select popular songs that will naturally keep your crowd moving, and use a microphone to instruct your guests verbally to ‘hit the dance floor’. A popular choice is to hire an MC.

Why Do You Need An MC?

The job of an MC is to add that extra high energy that will help to connect your guests, make them feel comfortable and included using dance challenges and games.  An MC will also help to ensure your event will stay on track by introducing everyone, making announcements to inform guests who will be giving a speech, when dinner will begin, first dance, etc.

5. What type of style music do you play? Will I be able to give you a song-list of music? Do you take requests from guests?

This is another important question. For the most part, the DJ should be able to accommodate any style of music requested and find it very helpful to have a list of their client’s music/song requests before hard, to add to their playlist.

Send Your Own PlayList 

Most DJs don’t have an issue with taking requests from guests as long as it does not get out of hand and is not listed on the “ do not playlist” if provided by the client. (some clients provide a list of songs or genres that would rather not have played). If a couple or family is having trouble choosing music for an entrance, first dance, etc, a DJ will kindly offer some choices from his past experience in order to help guide them. 


6. What’s included in your DJ contract?

Once rates have been discussed and everyone has agreed to a price, most professional and reliable DJs will provide a standard legal contract. Contracts will cover the date, price, deposit and payment arrangement, what is included for example setup and breakdown of equipment, reception location, how much is charged for overtime, cancellation policy, and liability insurance.



Before you choose a DJ for your event, It is always better to be sure than assume. Based on our experience we are always very clear with our clients about what’s included in our DJ service and how we are going to provide it. Before you are talking to the DJ about your event, make a list of what you want to know to make sure you get all you need to make the best decision and to ensure your party will be great!

Questions To Ask a DJ

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Beginners Guide To Wedding Planning 

4 Reasons to have a photo booth at your event

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Angels Music DJ Packages and Deals are made for you! We are experienced in wedding ceremonies and reception work. Our professional services include assistance in monitoring the flow and scheduling of your event. Depending on your individual desires, we will help direct guests to follow the scheduled timeline of events, Our DJ’s will arrive properly dressed and in a professional appearance. They will follow all instructions and work well with other vendors, reception staff and all other event staff.

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Based on our experience we know that no two weddings are the same. We meet with each of our clients beforehand to discuss the details of your event and your preferences to create a custom plan. We will discuss all special requests and offer you our professional point of view.

Your wedding day is a special event! You and your family come together to celebrate the joining of two individual souls, you deserve the best quality of entertainment. We feel privileged to take part in your event and will provide you with professional DJ services.

We pride ourselves on offering you professional services and endless musical possibilities to make your next event truly unforgettable.

Our Music Range from 80s, 90s, Israeli, Classic Rock,  Disco, Hip-Hop,  International, Jazz, Latin, Persian, R&B, Top 40/Pop, EDM, Trance and more based on your preferences. 

Beginners Guide To Wedding Planning 

4 Reasons You Should have Photo Booth in your event

Questions To Ask A DJ Before Your Event

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Angels Music DJs L.A has been specializing in Weddings DJ Entertainment & DJ Music for over 10 years, servicing Southern California including Orange County and Los Angeles, When it comes to your party, leave nothing to chance!

No matter what style or genre of music you prefer, it will be mixed seamlessly. Our DJs make all of the periodic announcements including the bridal party introduction, first dance, cutting of the cake, and anything else that you can think of.

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At Angels Music we offer professional wedding DJ services specifically to your individual event needs. It is our Job to provide hours of fun entertainment so you and your guests can enjoy the party.

We can help create the perfect musical settings by spinning an eclectic mix personalized by you and your fiance. Our goal is to keep the dance floor full all night to ensure memories of a lifetime. contact us today!

“A truly great DJ, just for a moment, can make a whole room fall in love. Because DJing is not about choosing a few tunes, It is about generating shared moods; it’s about understanding the feelings of a group of people and directing them to a better place.In the hands of a master, records create rituals of spiritual communion that can be the most powerful events in people’s lives.”  Angels Music DJ’s

4 Reasons You Should have Photo Booth in your event

Questions To Ask A DJ Before Your Event


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