Wedding DJ Versus a Wedding Band 2023

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Wedding DJ Versus a Wedding Band 2023

When you think about it, it’s all about music. A good wedding DJ knows how to get everybody out of their chairs and dance on the dance floor. Think of your wedding DJ as the host of the party that is being held on your special day.

Everyone likes to have a great time at weddings but nobody wants to attend an event where no decent songs are being played throughout the night. It’s common sense – if people don’t like what they hear, they won’t be dancing on the dancefloor! You want your guests to have fun on your special day…and for them to do this, you need to make sure that they are having a great time listening to some terrific music.

A Wedding DJ or Wedding Band?

If you are planning on having a DJ at your wedding, make sure that you discuss things with him in advance. You need to tell him what kind of music you want to hear when the different events will take place during the night and also what kinds of songs should be played while people dance.

There are some Wedding DJs who have special policies regarding requests from guests. So if you’re looking for a young boy band song or an old classic that was popular in the ’70s, or if there are any specific songs that anyone at your wedding specifically wants to hear, Make sure you let the DJ know in advance.

DJs services are cheaper than hiring a band

Most of the time wedding DJs will cost less than a full band And they also don’t take that long to set up and break down their equipment. This is one of the biggest advantages of having a DJ over any other entertainment option. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should assume that DJs are cheap or easy to find, because each DJ has different pricing.

Bands have less overall variety than DJs.

While guests can request songs from DJs or bands, a DJ can play more songs, which may get more guests on the dance floor at your wedding reception and ultimately make your wedding party a success. As well A Wedding DJ can play a wide range of musical preferences like EDM, Top 40, Hip-Hop, and Oldies altogether.

DJ can play a Non-Stop mix of songs that you like in the way they were recorded

When you hire a wedding DJ he can play your preferred song without stops and breaks, On the other side a live band can add drums, guitar, keyboard, and even may use some electronic instruments to amplify the sound of the original recording. A Mobile DJ can switch any tracks on his control panel or use voice commands every now and then whereas a live band needs good music equipment and good musicians who can play it.

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Wedding DJ Versus a Wedding Band 2023

Which DJ Is good for you?

There are several types of DJs to consider for your wedding. Will you hire a DJ who travels to your reception site or have an in-house DJ? hiring a local wedding DJ makes economic sense, If possible, talk with multiple DJs and specify which one is better for you.

When you’re looking for a wedding DJ, it’s important to understand what they do and how much of your wedding reception they will be responsible for. Some DJs specialize in weddings and may offer full-service packages. A full-service package usually includes the following: DJ, Sound System, Dance Floor Lighting, Photo Booth, Wireless Microphone, fog Machine, Confetti machine, and Area lighting.

Hire a Full service DJ

If you hire a wedding DJ who doesn’t offer full service and instead only plays music from his computer and controller, he’s probably not a good DJ. people like to dance in front of a wedding DJ with a nice setup, sound system, and at least some lights that change with the music and create the mood for dancing!

Make the right Choice

No matter how good your wedding DJ is, guests need time to warm up and check the surroundings before they get on the floor. For this reason, it will be important that the DJ will be also an MC (Master of Ceremonies) who has the ability to make people laugh and get them on the dance floor.

Wedding DJ Versus a Wedding Band 2023

Here are some guidelines for you about Wedding DJ Entertainment Services:

• Your choice of music is very important. Make sure that your wedding DJ understands your taste in music. If you’re not sure, just go through the playlist of your favorite songs and send it to him.

• Master of ceremonies for weddings should be fun and a good communicator. If possible, hire a wedding DJ that’s also a good MC – this will ensure no drop in quality from one service to another.

• Never assume that your wedding DJ can read your mind when it comes to selecting music. There are times when you need to tell him if a certain song is of any significance to you.

• Before hiring your wedding DJ, it’s important to understand the difference between a Wedding DJ and a Band – One plays recorded music and one plays live music! So, don’t assume that both are similar in every possible way.

• It’s also important to keep in mind that for a wedding DJ, the volume of the music is important. Even though loud music may be fun, it can also cause hearing problems for older guests at your wedding party.

• When choosing your wedding DJ, remember that you get what you pay for (and no one becomes a good DJ overnight!). Never settle with a cheap DJ just because of the price – Cheap DJs usually mean a low-quality DJ who has no idea what he is doing. As the saying goes – “You get what you pay for”.

• Remember to ask your wedding DJ about his equipment and how he will be mixing the songs at your wedding party. make sure that he brings a wireless mic and a good sound system.

• If you want your wedding DJ to have fun while he is working at your wedding party, make sure that he knows how you and your guests like to party,

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Wedding DJ Versus a Wedding Band 2023


If you’re looking for a cost-effective option to bring in the party with music, don’t underestimate what DJs can do. In fact, when it comes down to comparing prices and services provided between bands and DJs, there are some pretty clear differences that make hiring a band less attractive. For example, while live bands usually have an extensive repertoire of songs they know how to play on their instruments (and may even be able to sing), most people come out dancing at parties because of the soundtrack created by a wedding DJ – one who is often paid far less than someone playing guitar or drums. This doesn’t mean that we’re saying all musicians should quit their day jobs; rather, consider whether your event would benefit from both types of entertainment.

If you’ve been reading our website for a bit, you probably know that we’re huge fans of bands (we work with them as wedding DJs). However, if your wedding or party calls for a dance party at some point(s) during the night, we think it’s time you consider making down your decision to go with a wedding DJ instead of a band or with the band.

of course that we have more DJ Services to add to your wedding like Photo Booth, Live Musicians, Special Effects.

We make sure there are no hidden costs or surprises so you don’t need to worry about anything but having fun on your special day. What do you think? Is this something worth considering when planning an event? Let us know what’s been going through your mind as you decide if hiring a band will work out best for your wedding celebration by commenting below.

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We can help with a DJ and Photo Booth for your wedding! 

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Wedding DJ Versus a Wedding Band 2023

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